Vice Squad Security Services (Private) Limited

Our focus is to assist the customers to protect people & property, while delivering an efficient, courteous, competent and professional service, supported with state of the art security devices and integrated solutions

What commenced as a partnership business was later incorporated as Vice Squad Services (Private) Limited in 2006. While providing employment to approx 350 individuals, the business has outpaced its original intention of an in-house security service, with over 80% of its revenue derived from servicing external clients. The core business not only embraces the mundane business of a guard service, but also the value added variants of cash escorts, on-call rapid deployment, as well as a wide range of security surveillance, security alert, and safety devices solutions.

Vice Squad Security Services (Pvt) Ltd
Tel: 0114521903 Fax: 0112508616
491, Galle Rd, Col-03