Sharing the Success..........


Annual Schools Book Donations

Perception of CSR for Sumathi, is sharing the success with less privileged communities in the country, while promoting their financial and social living standards.

So far we have embarked on many projects of large scale in many parts of the country.

We were honored to lay our hands on many religious activities in the past that includes, designing and making a valuable pinnacle to place the casket of the Noble Tooth Relic at the annual "Esala Perahara " Dalada Maligawa, Kandy with a donation of more than hundred gold sovereigns and twenty five kgs of Silver.

Apart from the religious significance of the event, it is also a great attraction to the tourists world wide.

The dagaba standing majestically at Colombo Fort Sambodhi Viharaya, next to Hilton Hotel, Colombo, which is adding color and pride to the Capital, was also a CSR project of the Sumathi Group.

Donation of books to school children is an annual event, where we donate school books, bags, pens. pencils and other study materials to more than 1000 students. This we see as an obligation to the society where the future generations of Sri Lanka need to be groomed as a nation of knowledge skills and confidence.

Further, we continue our effort with a clear focus on our responsibilities to the society, as an exemplarily corporate citizen helping youth, in pursuing their education even at the university level.

"Sumathi Scholarship Scheme" is yet another CSR of Sumathi, providing financial assistance to less privileged, and deserving students at Grade Five and at the University level.

Blood donations, "shramadanas" and "dansalas" have become regular activities in Sumathi CSR calendar.